small logo DLS-1080 GR303 FOR THE DCO

THE DLS-1080™


The DLS-1080 is an add-on feature to the DCO that easily installs in any empty line cell of an LLS or RLS frame.


The DLS-1080 "takes over" from one or more line cells in the frame. Up to 1080 remote lines can be supported from one installation. Management can be done using DCO Release 25 commands, or by a PC-compatible GUI program.

From one to four GR303 interface groups can be supported from a single installation. An alarm panel shows critical, major, and minor alarms, and has an audible alert feature. Of course, alarms may be wired to customer alarms in the frame, and with DCO Release 25 alarms are logged to the switch as well. A fully-equipped DLS-1080 consumes less than 50W of power.

Subscribers served by existing cells can be "rolled" from TR-08 or TR-57 onto the DLS-1080.

DLS-1080 installations are working with AFC/Tellabs, Telstrat Intelleflex, Calix, Occam, and Zhone loop carriers in 50 installations around the country.